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Welcome player! You’ve just arrived to the official webpage of the Madrid Seduction Lair, a gentlemen’s club dedicated to seduction, completely independent, open to all methods and styles of seduction and selective when having to accept / filter new members.

We are a serious and committed group of men, whose objective is to connect and federate all the Madrid players (Spaniards and foreigners alike) that are sincerely undertaking this path towards self-development and the practice, improvement and enjoyment of their seduction / social skills.

So, if you are a man decided to learn, improve, practice and enjoy with no time for excuses or procrastination, more inclined towards actions than to words, and have the desire of: networking with / sharing knowledge with / getting to know other players involved in this very same adventure, we welcome you.

Nonetheless, as it has already been said, this gentlemen’s club is careful when having to select and integrate new members amongst its ranks. In order to become a member of the Madrid Seduction Lair you must have an already solid base in theoretical and practical knowledge of the Game. The aim of the Madrid Seduction Lair is to go out and sarge / flirt / socialize / seduce and to exchange information and knowledge amongst already active players, not to form new players from scratch.

If you are beginning in the Game you have a lot of resources on the internet that can help you. All this being said, if you think you have the necessary skills to join our club, you’ll have to fulfill / undergo the following criteria / steps:

  1. To be at least 16 years old.
  2. To reside in Madrid.
  3. To download the following questionnaire ( found at the end of this text ) and to send it to this email address: “administrador@madrid-lair.com
  4. To wait for an answer.

Once the questionnaire is filled in and sent to the administrators, and if the first impression transmitted by it is positive, you’ll be given info and necessary details on how to have a first “face to face / getting to know each other” meeting with members of the lair.

download questionnaire here


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